Data backup & recovery

Either it is business or personal, data is a valuable resource that might be lost. It might contain important stuff like passwords, old pictures, records or client details. Either it is lost because of unanticipated disaster, failure of hardware or accidental deletion, its recovery needs to be ensured in order for your personal and business needs to continue without a bump. The data backup and recovery is one of the important services that we offer. We specialize in computer, hard drive, SSD and phone data recovery. Using a hybrid backup mechanism, we ensure that if you sign up for the data backup service, your data remains in safe hands. We respect your privacy and for this reason, we provide data encryption so that your data can only be accessed by you. The recovery solution offers a state-of-art data recovery either from our backup service or physically from the corrupted data device like hard drive or SSD.

Using the data backup and recovery services, you will benefit. Here is how:
  • Planning unexpected issues: Unexpected issues occur to everyone and at any time. If your data is valuable to you, take preventative step today.
  • Safeguard and defend business: Our systems have state-of-art security measures. This ensures that your data remains in safe hands and only you get access to it. Furthermore, the danger of cyber threats like viruses and ransomware are avoided.
  • No long waits for recovery: Data recovery from our online solutions is instant. This means you need not wait for long hours before your data is made accessible to you again.
  • No worries of backups violating regulations: Since the data is encrypted, this means that the data is unusable by the hackers and thieves. We ensure that your data is not accessed by anyone but even if the backup media is stolen from your end, it is useless for anyone without entering your credentials.

Regardless of your type of needs, our data backup and recovery solutions are best suited to your needs. Our custom plans ensure that you get the services you need. Call today and prevent any unexpected from ruining your data.

How much will it cost?

Repairs services Price
Recover data from personal laptop Start from £75
Recover data from personal desktop Start from £110
Recover data from business laptop Start from £125
Recover data from business desktop Start from £150
Recover data from storage server Start from £325

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