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IThe importance of IT and networking cannot be ignored in business development. Almost every business is dependent on an efficient networking and IT solution for its success. Our company, we provide companies and businesses with different IT network solutions.

Our most popular technology solutions include:
  • Managed services: We provide managed services using best industrial practices to ensure the security of your network infrastructure and systems
  • Hosted Systems: The hosted system solutions offer a fast and redundant solution to building your own client/server systems. Instead of spending on costly systems, you can enjoy competitive hosting services on economical price.
  • IT Consulting: We offer a single consultation solution for all of your networking needs. In IT consultation, we provide throughout guidance of network infrastructure creation, implementation and maintenance.
  • Surveillance solutions: With video solutions, you can keep an eye at your businesses and homes without the need of physical presence
  • Cloud based security: The cloud-based security features offered by our company offer a state-of-art security features for your online data. We make sure it remains safe from viruses and ransomware.

How much will it cost?

Repairs services Price
Designing, configuring networking software, computer hardware, and operating system Start from £150
Monitoring network performance Start form £125
Replacing faulty network hardware components Start form £90
Set up home Router and network components Start from £125

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