Pc and Smartphone Repair

In today’s electronic equipment, one of the major problems is the malfunctioning of the circuit leading to the device being inoperative. Many times, such malfunctions occur without prior notice and your device can stop working while you are working for your personal or official needs. With our urgent repairing services, we ensure that your time is given due value. The defect is traced almost instantly and notified to you along with the repairing cost and time needed for the repairing process.

The major reason of damage can be:
  • Overheating: The motherboard operates at high frequency that causes heating. If there is no proper heat dissipation, the system can malfunction causing in burning of some IC.
  • Flooding: Because of a liquid contact could oxidize and decay (the more moisture is trapped, the more expensive the repair will cost).
  • Voltage fluctuations: If your power source is unstable, it can often cause in voltage fluctuations. The voltage fluctuations may result in the burning of the power supply.
  • Factory Defect: In some cases, the factory defect is also a possibility. It is possible that factory defect remains hidden for long times and only causes malfunctioning after the warranty period is over.

How much will it cost?

Repairs services Price
Online computer repair Start from £110
Computer diagnosis over the telephone Start from £125
Onsite computer repair Start from £185
Custom-Built Computers Start from £195
Onsite replaceing RAM, HDD and other hardwares Start from £125

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